Weekly Update March 19th, 2018 for Austin Landlords and Property Managers

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Hello Austin!

It’s an absolutely beautiful week in our city. We hope you guys are healthy, happy and outside enjoying the weather.

This weeks update is about Carbon Monoxide detectors and code changes. The City of Austin has adopted one specific section of the larger used IPMC or International Property Maintenance Code related to the use of carbon monoxide detectors. This goes into effect April 1, 2018.

What you’ll need to know:

Here’s a few attachments/links.
Please sure you’re familiar with this info if you’re a landlord or property manager.
Make special note that the video says that it must be hard wired to the electrical system but then another flyer says it can be battery powered.
When calling the Austin Code Compliance Dept we were transferred to the Austin Fire Department. We had the pleasure of speaking with Tom. He let us know that in multifamily units all CO2 detectors must be hard wired however in single family units they do not need to be hard wired. If you wanted to be safe you could simply buy the ones that plug into the wall and be done.
The next question arises, is CO2 heavier than air or lighter? Thus should these be installed on the ceiling or at a simple wall plug about 18″ above the floor? Tom says that CO2 is heavier than air however if there’s a fire there will be convection thus it will work on the ceiling. This has me wondering about a situation where a vehicle could emit gas which could enter the house, thus no fire would be present. We may have to leave that for another day.
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