If you’re an investor looking for an investment property in Austin you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in locating and managing single family residential properties from houses to high rise condominiums and town homes.

We will help you locate a property that fits your investment goals, analyze the return and expenses, lease the property and maintain it all with one call.

Our agents are highly skilled at finding just the right investment for you whether it’s your first rental property, your 5th, or you’re moving up to multi-family housing with a 1031 exchange.

In Austin as in other cities there are many agents from which to choose. The question is who has your long term best interest as their priority? We consistently receive properties with leases in place and the owners have paid 100% of a full months rent to their agent to lease the property. You should not have to pay this much in the Austin real estate market to lease a property with a management contract.

Many great sales agents, who are inexperienced in property management, don’t insert the necessary language in the leases they establish to properly protect the owner and reduce their expenses. Many homes we receive from lease only agents are not in compliance with the state property code. Virtually ever property we receive from agents who are not set up to do property management have tenants in place that have not been properly screened and the owner is left to deal with the problems. Save money and increase your income with specialized language in each lease and proper procedures from the day you enter the market.

Call us before you get started so that we can assist you from start to finish. If you’re looking for the best property management team in Austin to support you long term, why not employ our expertise up front when looking for an investment. If you have an agent that you want to work with on the sale side we can collaborate with them on the leasing side to ensure your costs and liability are kept in check and the you get the maximum benefit from your investment.