Rented in 30 days or 3 Months Management Will Be Free - Guaranteed

We'll find a quality tenant for you in 30 days or your first 3 months of property management are free!

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're unhappy for any reason, we’ll let you out of the management agreement! Contracts help us set fair pricing however quality should be the goal.

120-Day Great Tenant Guarantee

If a tenant leaves or must be removed within 120 days of occupying your home, we’ll find you a quality replacement tenant and cover the leasing fees should they exceed the security deposit retained.

Low Price Guarantee

If you have a written quote from a competitor offering the same services top to bottom, we’ll beat it!

Pet Damage Guarantee

Pet Damage! Oh my! If pet damages exceed the security deposit your tenants have on file we'll guarantee up to $2500 in additional coverage to make it right.

Tenant Damage Insurance Guarantee

We require tenants to have liability coverage. Should the tenant cause an accident this requirement may enable us to file a claim, at the tenants expense, on a policy separate from your homeowners policy. At a worst case we ensure every policy has sufficient coverage so that your insurance can subrogate to the tenants policy. This speeds up repairs, reduces your liability and even makes for happier tenants!

*If you have questions about the details of any of these guarantees feel free to ask us. We'll be happy to share the details in writing or over the phone to ensure you get the answers you need.