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Weekly Update for 1/8/18 and Real Estate Investor Education – Showing Occupied vs. Vacant Rentals

Should you show your property when it's vacant or occupied? If you show it when vacant you might get a tenant earlier but at a lower rate because the property isn't in pristine condition or even clean. If you show…

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Should I sell or lease my home in Austin, Texas?

Should I sell or should I lease my home? We seem to get this call about once a day and wanted to answer this for all homeowners. As you might suspect the answer isn't super easy. But it's not…

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Why does property management cost so much in Austin Texas?

Some owners come to us and say "we thought you would charge more". Some come to us and say "Why does property management cost so much"? The biggest question all investors should be asking it "What is the value of…

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