Are you an Austin Real Estate Investor or Austin Landlord?

December 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Just as we stated days ago in our weekly update prices are flat to slightly lower and landlords can no longer ask what they want. All of us that invest in real estate will have to moderate our ego and take what the market provides, offer concessions or add amenities to attract tenants. If you’re holding out because of a feeling you have or a want then you’re not managing your rental property like a business. The time has come to hire a manager that knows what the market will bring and can help keep you on track for a successful future. We have at least one new lead a week that’s been vacant and on the market for months hoping for results. You know what they say about hoping….It’s time to take action. Call the best Property Management Company in Austin, TX today! 512.994.4323. We’ll ensure you’re maximizing your return and reacting to the market and basing your decisions on statistics, not feelings. Call us today for a free analysis to find out what you’re home should be producing.